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DVD 1068.00
The math video tutor. Fractions thru algebra 1 c2004.
2 videodiscs

Contents: 1. Real numbers & their graphs

                2. Fractions

                3. Exponents & order of operations

                4. Add/subtract real numbers

                5. Multiply/divide real numbers

                6. Algebraic expressions

                7. Properties of real numbers
                8. Introduction to equations

                9. Solving more equations

               10. Simplifying expressions

               11. Solving inequalities

               12. Natural number exponents
               13. Zero, a negative exponents

               14. Polynomials

               15. Adding and subtracting polynomials

               16. Multiplying polynomials

               17. Dividing polynomials by monomials

               18. Dividing polynomials by polynomials

               19. Factoring the greatest common factor

               20. Factoring by grouping

               21. Factoring the differences of two squares.