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DVD 1261.00

The clinical dynamics of true four-handed dentistry: a total ergonomic concept

1 videodisc (60 min.)

Discusses equipment selection, seating the patient and the dental team, instrument transfer and oral evacuation techniques. Describes the principles of motion economy, ergonomic positioning and the basic techniques of oral evacuation and instrument transfer. Introduction to true four-handed dentistry (4:00) -- The true four-handed dentistry operator – HSP demonstration (11:00) -- The clinical dynamics of true four-handed dentistry.

DVD 1258.00

The complete guide to stainless steel crown techniques for children: easy as 1-2-3

1 videodisc (57 min)  

Discusses the importance of interpersonal relations in the dentist's office and the role of the patient as a focal point.

DVD 1260.00

Effective use of four-handed and six handed dentistry

1 videodisc (64 min.)

Gordon J. Christensen and two assistants demonstrate techniques of both four-and six-handed dentistry. Topics covered include optimum operatory design and organization, working efficiently in an ergonomic environment, operatory set-up and clean-up, instrument grasps and correct instrument transfer principles, correct and efficient use of operating lights and suction, optimizing both four-handed and six-handed operation, and the comparative productivity of four-handed and six-handed dentistry.

Contents: Introduction -- Purposes of this video – Operatory design -- Operatory design (layouts) -- Fixed cabinets -- Operating chair -- Doctor's chair -- Assistant's chair -- Sterilization and tray set-up -- Room and instrument preparation and set-up -- Cleanng-up the operatory -- Instrument grasps – Instrument positioning and transfer -- Use of the operating light -- The use of suction -- Operatory organization and cleanliness -- Six-handed dentistry -- Tasks to be shared by two assistants – Positioning for the additional assistant -- Comparative activity for the additional assistant. 

DVD 1257.00

Oral surgery in general practice

1 videodisc (66 min.)

You and your patients will benefit from the many tips on how to make routine surgery faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Almost every dentist does some oral surgery, but very few have had significant education in surgical procedures. Karl and Gordon have made a practical, easily understood, step-by-step, live video showing necessary concepts, techniques, and instruments needed for oral surgery in your practice. Frequently needed techniques are emphasized, including use of luxators, Proximators, inter-radicular bone removal, mesial and distal troughing, sectioning roots, and buccal bone removal.

Contents: Introduction -- Management of exodontia problems -- Absolutes vs. variables -- Be aware of time –Expediting oral surgery ; Adequate visibility ; Luxators ; Inter-radicular bone removal ; Mesial and/or distal troughing ; Sectioning upper 1st and 2nd molars ; Buccal bone removal on upper 3rd molars --Surgery instruments and supplies -- Preparing for your next medical emergency V3913 – Patient surgery --Postoperative discussion -- Potential complications.

DVD 742.00

Pouring and trimming casts

1 videodisc (32 min.)

Covers plasters and stones, proper mixing and pouring, trimming for diagnostic casts, working casts, and removable denture casts.

DVD 1259.00

A relaxed team approach to oral surgery

1 videodisc (162 min.)

Demonstrates an effective surgical protocol for dentist and staff. Instrumentation, set-up, and assisting principles are reviewed to help the assistant anticipate the dentist's needs. Three patients are treated including one for the removal of dentition in the maxilla with placement of an immediate denture, removal of roots in both maxilla and mandible in another patient, and removal of third molars in a 17-year-old patient. The course should help both dentist and assistant be more at ease during surgery.

DVD 1109.00

What they don't want you to know

1 videodisc (39 min.)

Examines "things that some advertisers, restaurant proprietors, and dentists would rather people didn't know about--like misleading before-and-after photos, questionable charges on the dinner bill, and risks associated with dental veneers," among other things.

DVD 743.00

Winning friends and influencing patients: chair side charm and bedside manners.

1 videodisc (78 min., 56 sec.)

Discusses the importance of interpersonal relations in the dentist's office and the role of the patient as a focal point.