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DVD 1632.00

Communicating with confidence

1 videodisc (DVD) (52 min.)

Chad Prewett outlines what it takes to be an "ELECTRIC" communicator: Energy to pay attention and notice people; Listening skills; Enthusiasm for people's answers and conversation; Confidence that people want to talk with them; Talking topics that draw people into the conversation; Reaching out abilities and a willingness to include everyone; Interest in observing surroundings and asking questions based on what they see; and Connections that are meaningful.

DVD 1629.00

Creating customer satisfaction: four ways to eliminate the headaches and stress

1 videodisc (60 min.)

Illustrates: how to you can build trust with customers when you feel pressured by their demands. Designed specifically for equipment dealers and distributors.

DVD 1706.00

Dealing with difficult employees

1 videodisc (53 min.)

Do you know how to handle your problem people? Every workplace has its own collection of difficult people, and your job as a manager, supervisor or team leader is to handle them! Don Crawley has developed a set of memorable tools that will help you deal with difficult employees.

DVD 794.00

Do you speak American? c2005.

3 videodiscs (180 min.)

Examines sociolinguistic questions and the dynamic state of American English, a language rich in regional variety, strong in global impact, and steeped in cultural controversy.  

Contents: [pt. 1.] Up North -- [pt. 2.] Down South-- [pt. 3.] Out West 


The greatest speeches of all time. volume 1

1 videodisc (ca. 68 min.)

Seen and heard in this original footage are the dramatic speeches from world leaders that changed the course of history and inspired millions worldwide.

Contents: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, State of the Union address (January 6, 1942)

                Winston Churchill, Address to Joint Session of Congress

                General Douglas MacArthur, Address to Joint Session of Congress (April 20, 1951)

                Harry S. Truman, 1948 campaign

                John F. Kennedy, Inaugural speech (January 20, 1961) Berlin address (June 23, 1963)

                Martin Luther King, Lincoln Memorial (August 1963)

                Memphis, Tennessee (April 3, 1968)

                Robert F. Kennedy, Indianapolis (Indiana, April 4, 1968)

                Malcolm X, Harlem, New York (March 29, 1964)

                Richard M. Nixon, the White House (August 8, 1974)

                Ronald Reagan, Inaugural speech (January 20, 1981); Farewell address (August 15, 1988).

DVD 645.00

President Ronald Reagan, the great speeches

1 videodisc (125 min.)

Featuring highlights of major speeches given by the 40th President of the United States.

DVD 1034.00

Principles of interpersonal communication

1 videodisc (ca. 26 min.)

Teaches effective methods of interpersonal communication, including how to manage conflict, how to provide valuable feedback, and how to respond to self-disclosure.

DVD 528.00

Persuasive speaking made easy

videodisc (19 min)

Video presents information on the following elements: What is a persuasive speech; Basic components; Delivery and technique; Sections of a persuasive speech; Overcoming audience resistance.

DVD 529.00

Public speaking: getting ready to speak

videodisc (38 min.)

Gives tips and advice from public speakers involved in the toastmasters organization on how to prepare a speech and how to present it.

DVD 530.00

Student speeches

1 videodisc (30 min.)

Four student speeches, including a self-introduction, a demonstration, an informative speech, persuasive speech, are analyzed and critiqued for organization, content, and delivery.