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DVD 1725.00

Act of valor

1 videodisc (111 min.)

"When a covert mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA operative uncovers a chilling plot, an elite, highly trained U.S. SEAL team speeds to hotspots around the globe, racing against the clock to stop a deadly terrorist attack"--Container.

DVD 166.00

The Almost painless guide to the U.S. Constitution c2001.

1 videodisc  (20 min.)

Discusses the creation of the Constitution that became the basis for American democracy. Includes quiz at the end.

DVD 324.00

Amending the Constitution

1 videodisc (17 min.)

Discusses the history and purpose of the Constitution and how amendments are proposed and ratified.

DVD 1270.00

America's most secret agency

1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)

Incredibly, the legendarily closed corridors of the NSA were opened to the History Channel for this compelling look at an agency at a crossroads. It is only the second time in history that cameras have been allowed inside their Ft. Meade, Maryland headquarters. And in a rare, candid, and wide ranging interview, NSA director Lt. General Michael V. Hayden discusses the  role of his agency in today's world and explores critical issues such as the balancing of privacy rights with the need to ensure the national security.

DVD 836.00

The Congress

1 videodisc (ca. 90 min.)  

In this elegant, penetrating and moving portrait of the United States Congress, filmmaker Ken Burns profiles an American institution whose ideals and actions affect us all. Narrated by David McCullough, the program employs historic film footage and interviews with insiders" including David Broker, Alistair Cooke and Cokie Roberts to detail the personalities, events and issues that have animated Congress' first 200 years.

DVD 1107.00

Electing the president: six steps to the summit.

1 videodisc (56 min.)

Describes the six steps--primaries & causes, convention, campaign, election, electoral college, and congressional action, that lead to the election of the president every four years. Includes the explanation and implications of the 2000 election.

DVD 1633.00

Heroes under fire : Shadow warriors

1 videodisc (ca. 50 min.)

From Delta Force Operators to CIA Field Officers, SWAT teams to Navy SEALs, Heroes Under Fire recounts the stories of those who distinguish themselves above all others in perilous situations of combat, rescue missions, covert assignments, drug wars, and hostile intelligence operations.

DVD 534.00

Katrina: the response

1 videodisc (60 min.)

In the wake of Katrina, many around the nation are asking:  what’s next for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. 

DVD 121.00
Magna Carta

1 videodisc (22 min.)

Examines the myth and reality of the Magna Carta, what it said, why it was signed, who benefited, and what it stood for.

DVD 562.00

Our Constitution: a conversation

1 videodisc (30 min.)

United States Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Stephen Breyer talk about the Constitution with high school students and discuss why we have and need a constitution, what federalism is, how implicit and explicit rights are defined, and how separation of powers ensures that no one branch of government obtains too much power.          

DVD 322.00

The Patriot Act

1 videodisc (23 min.)

The USA PATRIOT ACT, designed to defend America from terrorists, is now under fire from both the left and the right. The law is discussed with representatives of the U.S. Dept. of Justice, the ACLU, and others.

DVD 319.00

Patrolling the border: National security and immigration reform

1 videodisc (22 min.)

This ABC News program studies the connections between 9/11, the American economy, and the workforce of  undocumented labor on which that economy increasingly depends. Interviews with Arizona border patrol agents evoke their frustrations and reveal the perils faced by many Mexican who attempt desperate wilderness crossings. Contrasts between President Bush's proposed guest worker program and the Department of Homeland Security's efforts to crack down on the influx of illegal aliens highlight the complexity of the situation.

DVD 269.00

Spy technology

1 videodisc (50 min.)

Examines the technology of spying.

DVD 765.01-.04

The Supreme Court

4 videodiscs (240 mins.)

An unprecedented series exploring the history, impact and drama of America's highest court. ... By fusing history with biography, The Supreme Court humanizes the enigmatic black-robed figures, revealing their temperaments, passions, deeply held personal beliefs and life stories

DVD 320.00

You can't say that! What's happening to free speech? 

1 videodisc (43 min.)

Who determines when one person's right to expression must give way to another's sense of propriety? ABC News correspondent John Stossel looks at growing constraints on free speech made in the interest of protecting the public from offense.