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DVD 278.00 

The 50 years war: Israel and the Arabs, c2004.

2 videodiscs (290 min.)

This documentary begins with the 1947 U.N. decision to partition Palestine and charts the ensuing   half-century of enmity, warfare, mediation and negotiations. Includes interviews and news clips of heads of state and other military and intelligence leaders. Episodes on the first disc cover Israel's struggle for statehood, including the victories against Arab armies in 1948 and 1967, and the history of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The concluding  program looks at the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the Camp David peace accord in 1978, the start of the Palestinian "Intifada"  uprising in 1987, the Oslo agreement in 1993, and the current  attempts to consolidate a shaky  reconciliation

DVD 235.00

Al Qaeda 2.0

1 videodisc (46 min.)

Discusses the activity of the Al Qaeda network since the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

DVD 754.00

Ancient China

1 videodisc (47 min.)

From the creation legend of Panku to the demise of the Han Dynasty, this program traces Chinese history and explores the roots of Chinese culture today. Visit the Great Wall of China as scholars discuss why it remains even today a symbol of oppression, exemplified in the legend of the weeping woman; the Imperial Palace and how it exemplifies Chinese beliefs in harmony; and the Beijing Opera, whose works are an elaborate retelling of traditional folktales. The influences of Buddhism,ancestor worship, and Taoism in China are also discussed, along with stunning footage of the Buddhist caves and the Terra Cotta Army.


Ancient Greece

1 videodisc (47 min.)

Beginning with Homer's account of the Trojan War, this program re-creates the Greek world to provide insight into the daily lives of Greek citizens.

DVD 749.00

Ancient India

1 videodisc (47 min.)

This program examines the religious tension between Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam, and the historical events that shaped the great Indian civilizations from the Morian Empire through the Mogul Empire ... provides insight into a culture that remains vibrant  and diverse today.

DVD 747.00

Ancient Rome

1 videodisc (47 min.)

Scholars discuss the unification of Europe under the Romans, the military structure and tactics that allowed them to conquer much of Western Europe, and the cultural and social aspects of Rome before the empire collapsed in 476 A.D.

DVD 277.00

Auschwitz: inside the Nazi state

2 videodiscs (ca. 300 min.)

‘Auschwitz: inside the Nazi state' is the result of three years of research, drawing on the close involvement of world experts, recently discovered documents and nearly 100 interviews with camp survivors and perpetrators, many of whom are speaking on the record for the first time. Their stories are brought to life through the innovative use of archive footage, dramatic recreations of key moments, and their testimony.  

DVD 403.00

Battle of the Bulge

1 videodisc (90 min.)

December 1944, Hitler wages one more desperate bloody attack. Hitler struck back with a brutal counterattack and the Battle of the Bulge was the single biggest and bloodiest battle U.S. soldiers have ever fought. Almost 80,000 Americans were killed, injured, or captured in an infernal test of courage and endurance that ultimately ended with a hard-won victory for the Allies. Told through the eyes of the U.S. soldiers and combat officers in the field.

DVD 762.00

The Berlin airlift

1 videodisc (ca. 60 min.)

In 1948, the Soviet Union blocked access to West Berlin, starving the population and choking commerce. Allied forces refused to cede the city, and for nearly a year, supplied two million civilians and 20,000 allied solders entirely from the air. Through the personal stories of those who were there, this program provides a striking look at the first battle of the Cold War and the largest humanitarian campaign the world has ever seen.

DVD 763.01-.03

The Campaigns of Napoleon. vol. 1, The story of the Napoleonic wars

3 videodiscs (165 min.Duration of each disc 55 min.)

Featuring: large scale Napoleonic battle reconstructions, hundreds of contemporary images and paintings, informative graphics and maps; weapons, strategies and tactics. Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was an undisputed military genius, ruthless and arrogant and adored by his troops. Join Napoleon on his campaigns and follow him through three of the greatest battles of his career; Austerlitz, Borodino and Waterloo. This spectacular series tell the stories of the world's greatest military history, and features dramatized reconstructions and re-enactments, stunning excerpts from feature films and "eye-witness" accounts of the battles.

DVD  751.00

The Celts

1 videodisc (47 min.)

Documents the Hallstatt and La Tène Celts. Discusses the history, values, and lifestyle of this warrior society, exploring topics that include the roles of the druids, bards, and seers; the political hierarchy in Celtic society; human sacrifice; methods of warfare; and influence on the ethnic languages of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Brittany.  

DVD 696.00

Civilization. The complete series; a personal view by Kenneth Clark

4 videodiscs (ca. 670 min.)

Art historian Sir Kenneth Clark presents an epic examination of Western European culture, defining what he considers to be the crucial phases of its development. This lavish series was hailed as a masterpiece when it was broadcast in 1969.

Contents: The skin of our teeth -- The great thaw -- Romance and reality -- Man : the measure of all things – The hero as artist -- Protest and communication -- Grandeur and obedience -- The light of experience  -- The pursuit of happiness -- The smile of reason -- The worship of nature  -- The fallacies of hope  – Heroic materialism.

DVD 757.00

Crescent and cross: rise of Islam and age of Crusades 

1 videodisc (58 min

The fourth part of the ten-part series Religion: a world history.  This program portrays the Crusades as a response to the rapid rise of Islam. It looks at various orders of Christian monks and their role in the preservation of religious, artistic, and cultural aspects of civilization. The Inquisition – the church's response to the rise of heresy and the practice of witchcraft and magic in the Middle Ages – illustrates the ultimate in religious intolerance.

DVD 755.00

The Crusades

1 videodisc (50 min.)

DVD 699.01-.03

Decisive battles. The ancient world:

3 videodiscs (ca. 280 min.)

13 defining moments from the rise and fall of the Roman Empire to the struggle over the Persian Empire. Examines moments that altered the course of history and shaped the modern world. Gives a comprehensive account of the famed leaders and brilliant military tactics that changed history. Visit locations around the world to examine what is known of these legendary encounters. Witness recreations of the crucial battles of Rome and beyond - from Cannae to Marathon to Thermopylae – and follow some of the greatest warriors of all time, including Hannibal, Spartacus, and Attila the Hun.

DVD 1492.00

Egyptian secrets of the afterlife

1 videodisc (50 min.)

New excavations are revealing more than we’ve ever known about what the Egyptians believed they would encounter on their afterlife journey.

DVD 318.00

The French Revolution: Liberté, egalité, fraternité, a new republic is born in blood

1 videodisc (100 min.)

Encapsulates this heady (and often headless) period in Western civilization, vividly unfurls in a maelstrom of violence. King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Maximilien Robespierre, and Napoleon Bonaparte lead a cast of thousands.

DVD 390.00

Ghosts of Rwanda

1 videodisc (120 min.)

Frontline marks the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide with a documentary chronicling one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century. Illustrated are the failures that enabled the slaughter of 800,000 people to occur unchallenged by the world.

DVD 280.00

The Greeks: crucible of civilization

1 videodisc (165 min.)

Views rise and fall of ancient Greece through the eyes of prominent figures of the times, including

             Cleisthenes, Themistocles, Pericles, and Socrates.

DVD 408.00

Guns, germs, and steel

2 videodiscs (165 min.)

An epic detective story that offers a gripping expose on why the world is so unequal. Professor Jared Diamond traveled the globe for over 30 years trying to answer this question. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book of the same title. Why did Eurasians conquer, displace, or decimate Native Americans, Australians, and Africans, instead of the reverse? Diamond dismantles racially based theories of human history by revealing the environmental factors actually responsible for history's broadest patterns.

DVD 256.00

In the footsteps of Alexander the Great

1 videodisc (ca. 240 min.)

Historian Michael Wood hosts this dramatic and colorful journey across 2,000 years and 16 countries. At the heart of this epic story is the enigmatic character of Alexander the Great who set out at age 21 and conquered most of the known world before he was 30. Using texts of Greek and Roman historians as his guide, Wood searches for the truth behind legends that depict Alexander as both a brilliant visionary and ruthless conqueror. 

DVD 486.00

The Insurgency

1 videodisc (56 min.)

The Iraqi insurgency continues to challenge the most highly trained and best-equipped military in the world. This investigation includes access to insurgent leaders, commanders of Iraqi and U.S. military units, and journalists who have risked their lives to meet insurgent leaders. FRONTLINE explores the battle for one Iraqi town and presents testimony from civilians whose families were targets.

DVD 279.00

Islam, empire of faith

1 videodisc (180 min Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired.)

Documents the rise and growth of Islam throughout the world, from the birth of Prophet Muhammad in the 6th century through the peak of the Ottoman Empire 1000 years later. Discusses the impact of Islamic civilization on world history and culture.

DVD 257.00

Japan: memoirs of a secret

1 videodisc (180 min.)

Explores the period between the 16th and 19th centuries in Japan by examining the lives of shoguns, samurais, geishas, and the very few westerners allowed  into Japan. Japan was then a world unto itself, closed to outsiders, and ruled by shoguns with absolute control. During this period, Japan transitioned from chaos and violence to a land of ritual refinement and peace.

DVD 1488.00

Joseph McCarthy interview

1 videodisc (ca. 14 min.) Originally produced in the early 1950s.

Joseph McCarthy, the infamous United States senator from Wisconsin, was the guest on this episode of the Longines Chronoscope. He discusses his views on Communism, Stalin, and the Korean War. Senator McCarthy closes the interview by talking about the 1952 presidential campaign, his own

reelection aspirations, and describing the utter importance of finding communists involved in U.S. governmental activities.

DVD 1718.00

Journey of man

1 videodisc (120 min.)

How did the human race populate the world? A group of geneticists have worked on the question for a decade, arriving at a startling conclusion: the "global family tree" can be traced to one African man who lived 60,000 years ago. Dr. Spencer Wells hosts this innovative series, featuring commentary by expert scientists, historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists.

DVD 258.00

Kingdom of David: the saga of the Israelites

1 videodisc (220 min.)

Tells the story of the Israelites and the creation of the world's first monotheistic religion.

DVD 1503.00

KJV, the making of the King James Bible

1 videodisc (46 min.)

           The year 2011 marks the 400th anniversary of the creation of the King James Bible, arguably the greatest  

           piece of English Literature ever produced. King James had an uncanny love of beautiful things, including     

           language to stir the soul. With several English translations in use across the Kingdom, the Puritan leader

           John Rainolds took his opportunity to suggest that a new, more accurate translation was needed for the

           people. "Award-winning director Jerry Griffith... brings the viewer right into the heart of the translation

           process through specific passage examples. While exploring the varying viewpoints of different scholars,

           we get a firsthand look at the immense attention to detail. This presentation gives the viewer a renewed

           appreciation for the sacred scriptures and their place in our homes, churches, and the English-speaking


DVD 115.00
The long way home

1 videodisc (120 min.)

Traces the stories of courage in the years between the end of World War II and the formation of the state of Israel. Includes archival footage, original broadcasts and personal testimonies from survivors of the Holocaust.

DVD 121.00
Magna Carta

1 videodisc (22 min.)

Examines the myth and reality of the Magna Carta, what it said, why it was signed, who benefited,

            and what it stood for.

DVD 410.00

Martin Luther

1 videodisc (110 min.)

Learn how one man reluctantly took on the most powerful institution of his day and won. Martin Luther is credited with expounding a new vision of man's relationship with God and, by extension, a redefinition of man's relationship with authority.  Filmed across Europe -- from the rustic rural Germany to the opulence of the Vatican City -- you'll witness the collapse of the medieval world and the birth of the modern age.

DVD  281.00

The Medici, godfathers of the renaissance

1 videodisc (220 min.)

A tale of one family's ambition and of Europe's struggle to emerge from the ravages of the Dark Ages. The Medici used charm, skill and ruthlessness to garner unparalleled wealth and power, ruling Europe for more than 300 years.

DVD 750.00

The Ottoman Empire

1 videodisc (47 min.)

Examines the expansion of the Ottoman Empire from Eastern Europe throughout the Near East, its social and religious life and its military power.  

DVD 261.00

Peter and Paul: and the Christian revolution

1 videodisc (110 min.)

Early Christianity faced powerful obstacles. The might of the Roman Empire and the power-politics of ancient Jerusalem laid a heavy burden on those who believed Jesus was "the Messiah." But this new faith would not die. In a brief span of time, the fledgling religion would transcend its origins in the provinces of Rome and absorb the capital of the empire itself. With the words of Paul and other ancient writers, interviews  with contemporary scholars and dramatic reenactments, Peter and Paul and the Christian Revolution explores how two men weathered crippling disagreements and political persecution to lead one of history's most astonishing religious movements.

DVD 1574.00

The rise of ecology : 10 disasters that changed the world

1 videodisc (52 min.)

DVD 753.00

Samurai Japan

1 videodisc (47 min.)

From their ascension to power in the 13th century to the unconditional surrender of Japan at the end of World War II, the Samurai, with their code of virtue and discipline, created a society that prized one's honor over one's life.

DVD 765.01-.04

The Supreme Court

4 videodiscs (240 mins.)

An unprecedented series exploring the history, impact and drama of America's highest court. By fusing history with biography, The Supreme Court humanizes the enigmatic black-robed figures, revealing their temperaments, passions, deeply held personal beliefs and life stories.

DVD 276.01

Victory at sea

4 videodiscs (11 hr., 30 min.)

The most famous historical war series ever made. A record of the naval battles of World War II.

DVD 651.00

World War II

1 videodisc (ca. 30 min.)

Contents: The road to war. The rise of nationalism ; The clouds  of war ; American isolationism ; War comes to Europe ; The path to infamy -- The world at war. America joins the war ; Achieving victory in

            Europe ; Achieving victory in the Pacific ; After the war.