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DVD 852.00

7 secrets of savvy students: study smarter

1 videodisc (36 min.)

 Teaches college success tactics.


Academic success for Dartmouth College students

5 videodiscs (56 min.)

Shows college students various ways to effectively study and learn.

DVD 457.00

American driver improvement

2 videodiscs (ca. 6 hrs)

Interactive traffic safety course that can be taken at home for traffic ticket dismissal and insurance reduction. Testing may be done by phone or on the Internet. The 6 hour course is broken into six segments, each followed by an interactive segment and a 10 minute break.

General Note: Detailed instructions, including required Store ID, are on the container. General Note: Requires registration at General Note: Testing and validation regulated by the Texas Education Agency. General Note: Technical support available by phone

DVD 999.02

Are you teaching with style?

1 videodisc (62 min.)

Learn how to design courses for diverse learning styles, assess your teaching in terms of learning styles, use multiple intelligence and personality-type tools to facilitate student success.

DVD 652.00

Autism, a world apart

1 videodisc (53 min.)

Examines the lives of three children with autism, focusing on the strain on their families and how special education can help. Presents a brief history of the diagnosis and treatment of autism.

DVD 999.11

Award-winning tools, tips and techniques for online instruction

1 videodisc (44 min.)

Date/place captured: Recorded on February 9, 2009.  This seminar is for the experienced online teacher.  It features successful teaching strategies and demos that award-winning instructors have found to be their best practices. Examples of strategies presented include:  ideas for going outside the restrictions of CMS; tools for student-centered instruction; ideas for linking classes worldwide; creating content that is not just content driven; social networking/community building mechanisms; and rubrics for good student assignments.

DVD 457.00

Beyond F.A.T. city: a look back, a look ahead

1 videodisc (90 min.)

Offers practical strategies and inspirational advice for teachers and parents of children with learning disabilities who constantly struggle with Frustration, Anxiety, and Tension (F.A.T.).

DVD 739.00

Break troughs: how to reach students with autism.

1 videodisc (25 min.)

Karen Sewell, a special education teacher, displays her experience in dealing with autistic children by working successfully with a 3-year-old girl.

DVD 999.06

Course redesign

1 videodisc (59 min.)

This seminar will not only take a look at the broad picture of course redesign, but will look at a state project, several specific course redesigns, and a single class redesign. Featured are: an interview with Dr. Carol Twigg, Executive Director of the National Center for Academic Transformation; the Texas Course Redesign Project (history course at the University of North Texas); English course collaboration between the Dallas County Community District and Texas Tech University; and a nursing class module.

DVD 999.04

Curriculum redesign

1 videodisc (63 min.)

This seminar introduces the redesign process and features several ongoing successful redesigned curriculums. Provides departments and faculty with ideas and suggestions on how to implement or expand their own redesign projects.

DVD 789.00

Developing the gifts & talents of ALL students

1 videodisc (35 min.)

Shows how schools have modified curricula, using gifted education teaching practices accommodate all students' varying interests, learning styles, and academic strengths. Advocates the "school enrichment model," an approach that focuses on applying, rather than assimilating knowledge.


DVD 1476.00

DUI Dead in 5 seconds

1 videodisc (18 min.)

A realistic portrayal of drinking and its effects through a montage of images, some graphic, and interviews with people whose lives were affected by drunk driving accidents.

DVD 1655.00

Dyslexia : a different kind of mind

1 videodisc (29 min.)

Explains how dyslexia has come to be understood to be a biologically-based brain disorder which may be diagnosed and effectively treated. Visits the Washington Lab School where teaching strategies and techniques are demonstrated.

DVD 1656.00

Dyslexia : an unwrapped gift

1 videodisc (22 min.)

"This program approaches dyslexia from a new angle, exploring how the so-called disability might prove an advantage in an increasingly image-based world"--Container.

DVD 653.00

Educating Peter

1 videodisc (30 min.)

Follows Peter Gwazdauskas, a Down's Syndrome child who has always attended special schools, through his first year in a regular classroom.

DVD 326.01and 326.04-08 (missing Parts 2-3)

The Effective teacher

6 videodiscs (300 min.)

The Effective Teacher, an eight-part program, shows what effective teachers do to promote student achievement.

DVD 999.10

The Family factor

1 videodisc (39 min.)

Date/place captured: Recorded on February 23, 2009.  This program focuses on an instructional approach to student retention, success and persistence, particularly Latino students.  The video explores the impact of engaging students' families in college coursework with the students, family, faculty and administrators whose experiences provide a unique insight into instruction that works.

DVD 858.00

The First year

1 videodisc (78 min.)

Every year the United States hires 250,000 new teachers. On September 7, five teachers will begin their new journey. These five young teachers fight the real fight: educating our children, one child at a time. Shows the human side of the story, revealing all the determination and commitment it takes  to survive in America's toughest school systems.

DVD 456.00

How difficult can this be? Understanding learning disabilities

1 videodisc (70 min.)

A group experiences life the way a learning disabled student does and learns methods of teaching and helping such students.


DVD 563.00

Information literacy: the perils of online research, c2006

1 videodisc (21 min.)

Explains how to conduct solid online research by collecting information in an organized, efficient, and ethical way.  Provides guidance on a range of research activities, including evaluating the credibility of Web content, documenting online sources, and paraphrasing. Emphasizes the consequences of plagiarism and shaky facts.

DVD 1076.02

Inside out: Endless questions, critical thinking and research

1 videodiscs (ca. 30 min.)

DVD 1278.00

Introduction to critical thinking

1 videodisc (25 min.) Explores critical thinking. 

Covers the differences between critical and creative thinking; the characteristics of critical thinkers; the ways in which beliefs affect critical thinking; the use of language to clarify thinking; differences between fact and opinion; cause and effect; perceptions; and the uses of reports, inferences, and judgments in critical thinking.

DVD 999.01

Making lectures more meaningful: integrating active learning techniques

1 videodisc (53 min.)

The lecture can be an efficient way to present information, but a large amount of research shows that adding active elements to teaching will improve student motivation and learning. Leading educators from across the country present easily implemented active learning strategies

DVD 999.03

Measuring student outcomes

1 videodisc (47 min.)

Course-level approaches will be considered as this program examines a performance-based general education assessment model as well as techniques instructors can implement within their current models. Faculty-developed holistic scoring rubrics will be included.

DVD 740.00

A New I.D.E.A for special education: understanding the system and the new law: a guide for parents, a tool for educators

1 videodisc (ca. 40 min.)

Helps parents and educators better understand the recent changes to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (I.D.E.A.), the law governing special education. Covers the referral process in special education, the evaluation process, creating an individualized education program, placement and related services, and preparing for transitions. Also discusses discipline, mediation, and standardized testing for students with special needs.

DVD 527.00

Oral interpretation made easy

1 videodisc(14 min.)

Types of oral interpretation as well as the stages of oral interpretation are discussed.

DVD 999.07

Safe & secure in the academic environment. Pt 1

1 videodisc (55 min.)

This program is designed to provide security-strategies for classrooms and campuses, as members of the Virginia Tech Review Panel and national safety experts share "lessons learned" and advice on properly identifying red flags and warning signs in individuals ; FERPA provisions allowing personal information sharing ; how to respond to troubled students in the classroom ; violence and suicide prevention ; successful threat-assessment and Emergency Response Plans ; choosing campus alert-systems.

DVD 999.09

Safe & secure in the academic environment Pt 2

1 videodisc (51 min.)

In this second program in a series, proven safety practices are shared by nationally known experts in law enforcement, higher education, psychiatry, and law. Learn specific techniques for classroom security, how to identify red flags and warning signs of potential threats, and simple drills that enhance classroom and campus safety.

DVD 737.00

Secondary classroom management techniques

1 videodisc (25 min.)

Illustrates teaching principles and activities that establish an effective and positive learning environment in the classroom.

DVD 999.08

Strategies from the front-line: best practices from hybrid instructors

1 videodisc (60 min.) 

October 20, 2008. Presents practical and successful strategies for faculty on how to blend face-to-face with online instruction. Topics include : blended learning problems and solutions ; best practices for chemistry courses in a hybrid format ; course design strategies; building virtual teamwork skills ; addressing highly visual content or difficult discussion topics ; and fostering student ownership over their own learning in a blended format.

DVD 999.05

Student motivation: techniques for the college instructor Starlink, 2008.

1 videodisc (57 min.)

Research has shown that teachers can influence student motivation; that certain practices do work to increase time spent on task; and that there are ways to make assigned work more engaging and effective for students at all levels. This program looks at some practical strategies for promoting student engagement in learning.

DVD 833.00

Teach me different: successful strategies for teaching children who learn differently

2 videodiscs (3 hr., 42 min.)

Professor Smith demonstrates simple techniques used to guide learning disabled children to academic success.

DVD 980.00

Virtual job interview

1 videodisc (30 min.)

Interview preparation with simulated interview and interactive questions, also includes tips on interviewing attire and handling illegal questions, plus a review.

DVD 1499.00

Waiting for Superman

1 videodisc (111 min.)

The groundbreaking feature film that provides an engaging and inspiring look at public education in the United States. The film has helped launch a movement to achieve a real and lasting change through the compelling stories of five unforgettable students.