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COSC 1301--Intro to computing: Find articles in databases

Find good quality information for your paper and presentation.

Look for database articles from these well-known publications

All of these databases require your MyLSC-O login when off campus. Use these databases to look for articles:

  • Academic Search Complete - Has technology magazines: PC World, ComputerWorld, Online, eWeek. Also, Newsweek and Time and others, weekly news magazines, all have technology sections.
  • MasterFile Premier - Has Consumer Reports, which evaluates and compares various products and software. We have their annual Buying Guide with the magazine in Periodicals.
  • Business Source Complete - Has a lot of business-oriented publications, articles about companies and products: Bloomberg-Businessweek, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Fortune, Forbes, Inc., and OfficePro, plus many of the others already named.
  • ERIC - Especially for the education/teaching sector, should have articles about computers in education and instructional technology.
  • Health Reference Center/Academic - Has several magazines about health informatics (managing health care data) and other technology from the medical field.
  • Credo Reference - Has over 600 different reference books. At the opening screen click "Advanced Search" on the purple bar. Click the plus + sign under "Selected subjects or titles." Scroll down to the bottom and check "Technology." It may help to also check the box to "limit searching to article titles" (headings). This database has a lot of technology or computer dictionaries, for defining terms, but they may not be recent enough for some topics.
  • Encyclopedia Americana - A standard all-topic online encyclopedia, it has many articles about technology. Look to the right of article pages for Web Links, related links on the open Web selected by the encyclopedia's editors.

Finding images in the databases and the Web

  • Use Google Images: You probably know how use Google to find images. Just click the Images link at the top of the opening screen, or go to Type in your keywords to find your images.
  • Use the Library's databases: They provide thumbnail images from their articles that can be enlarged. The best databases for finding images are Academic Search Complete and Credo Reference.
  • In Academic Search Complete, images appear under the citation information for the articles and in the right column of the results screen as thumbnails. Click to open the higher resolution image. Use the mouse Right-click and Save to your computer or jump drive.
  • In Credo Reference look for a tab that says "Image Search" on the opening screen, to limit results to images.  
  • Image permission? Academic Search Complete has this link on its image pages: "What am I allowed to do with this image?" Here is their answer, which holds true for any of the database images: 

Copyright of this image is the property of PUBLISHER and the image may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission. The image may be printed for personal, non-commercial use; used in presentations for educational use consistent with the Copyright Act of 1976; but may not be posted on the Web or used in any other form of mass media without express written permission from the copyright holder.   

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