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How to find information for speeches and the library assignment.

LibGuide Description

This guide is about finding good quality information for informative and persuasive speeches.  Each tab above explains one of these tasks:

  • Choosing a speech topic
  • Finding books, eBooks and reference books.
  • Finding articles in library databases.
  • Finding and evaluating Web information.
  • Citing sources in MLA style.

Library Assignment for Speech Classes


So it's time to give a speech!

The Speech Library Assignment is designed to introduce students to the research tools needed for college-level research, the Library Catalog and our databases. We also want students to learn how to evaluate Web pages and cite sources in MLA style. The assignment is a PDF file at the bottom of this box. Type your answers into the form, print the form or save the file and submit it to your online classes. You may need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to open and use the form off-campus. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader if you need it. For the assignment, find and cite the following three (3) types of information sources: 

1) A book or eBook found by using the Ron Lewis Library Catalog. Click the tab above: "Find books" for a catalog search box and searching tips. You will likely come across some eBooks in our catalog, which may be used for the assignment since they are found by using our Catalog. Evaluate and select a book for its relevance (how on-topic is it?) and currency (how up-to-date is it?). If your selected book is an eBook, learn about accessing eBooks on the "EBook Info" tab. 

If your initial search doesn't find anything, the box on the "Find books" tab entitled: "What if I can't find a book in the library catalog?" should help you discover more sources.

Follow the directions on the form, answer questions, provide the requested catalog information. If you need to quote from the book, write down its call number and ask for help at the 2nd floor help desk. If you need a Beaumont book, fill out an interlibrary loan form. It normally takes about a week get here. But note that Lamar University only lends books in their "Stacks" location.

2) An article on your topic found in a library database. It can be a magazine, journal, or newspaper article or an article from a reference book database. Click the "Find articles in databases" tab for links to open recommended library databases and tips on using them. As you did for your book, evaluate articles for their relevance and currency. Make note of the number of full-text articles remaining after applying limits or narrowing a search with another keyword.

3) A "credible" Web page on your topic. Click the "Find Web info" tab. View the tutorials and read about evaluating Web pages. Evaluate Web pages using the "CRAAP test," on page 3 of your assignment sheet. Use the rubric on page 4 to give your Web page an evaluation score (top of page 3) on the assignment.

Citing your sources: Use word processing software to type three MLA citations for your book or eBook, database article and Web page. The MLA citation information should be on your assignment sheet. For MLA help click the tab "Cite in MLA Style." You can also print and use the MLA guide located under the Library assignment at the bottom of this box. We usually hand out copies of the MLA guide during the library instruction session.

Follow the MLA rules exactly for each type of citation: what information to give (authors, editors, titles, publication info, medium) given in the correct order with punctuation and capitalization rules. Review the rules and examples for each type of source. Books examples are on page 2 of the guide, periodical articles are on page 1 and Web pages are on the top of page 3. Double space the entire MLA document and put each of the citations in "hanging indent" format.  

Turn in on the day of your speech: 

1) the completed Library Assignment worksheet 

2) the "Works Cited" page with your MLA citations in alphabetical order, and in hanging indent format.

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