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Speech Research: EBooks

How to find information for speeches and the library assignment.

What's the scoop on eBooks?

"EBook" refers to a printed book in digitized form. Our library licensed almost 30,000 eBooks on all subjects and placed links to open them in the library catalog. EBooks in our catalog all say "ONLINE" after the call number, and "electronic resource" in the title line. There is not usually a corresponding print version of an eBook available in the library. Use an eBook for part 1 of the Library Assignment if you found it in the library catalog. Fill in author, title and publisher information from the catalog record page for the assignment. Use this information to create an MLA citation.

Access while on campus: Use an eBook by clicking "URL" on the catalog pages. At the opening screen click the + signs to open the book chapters and subchapters, then click the links to view. Printing or emailing parts (a few pages or a chapter) of an eBook is supported by tools on the right side of the screen. Look in the box below to view some eBooks about public speaking if you want to see how they work.

Access while off campus: Students must log in to access eBooks and the catalog has no way of doing this. Write down the eBook title while in the catalog and open the database: eBooks on EbscoHost here or on the library pages that list our databases. Supply your to login. Search for the eBook by its title.

Access limits: Because of copyright and licensing, only one person at a time can use an eBook in our catalog. Use it as long as you like, but once you close it, others can access the eBook. If an eBook is left unattended for 15 minutes, access goes away automatically. But you should be able to access it again soon.

EBooks at Lamar University: If you are searching in Lamar University's library catalog, some of their eBooks were bought and licensed for their campus only, so you cannot access those eBooks without actually being a student there. All of the eBooks in our library catalog are accessible to you as long as no one else is using it.

Other eBooks available: Our Web page called EBook and Reference Databases lists more eBook databases. There are many reference-type books in databases that provide articles on various things. However none of these are listed in the catalog, so you may use a reference database for part 2 of the assignment.

What about downloading eBooks? The eBooks available from EbscoHost are available for mobile devices. Visit your App Store or Google Play and search EBSCO eBooks.

Ebooks on Public Speaking

       book jacket    book jacket    book jacket    book jacket

Click on the eBooks to open them. Click on the + signs to open chapters then page through using the arrows below the pages or type in a page number to go there directly. Use the X to close the eBooks. The tools for printing or emailing parts are on the right side under "Tools." These eBooks are all from the database eBooks on EbscoHost.

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