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American History: World War I & Jazz Age (1914-1928)

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DVD 650.00 The Roaring twenties (30 min.)The roaring twenties were a time of startling contrast--World War I was over; women got the right to vote, cut their hair, and raise their skirts; alcohol was outlawed and speakeasies and bootlegging filled the void.

DVD 646.00 Rebel frontier (65 min.) The war in question is the First World War and the anti-war protesters the Irish and Finnish miners of Butte, Montana. Butte's mines are at the center of the US war machine. The miners band together to take on both the copper barons and the US state as America enters the war.

DVD 987.00 Monkey trial (50 min.) The trial of John Scopes, a Tennessee biology teacher arrested in 1925 for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution. The Scopes trial was America's first major media event.

DVD 461.00 The Murder of Emmett Till (60 min.) Summary: Accounts the murder of fourteen-year-old, Emmett Till, in Mississippi, in 1955.


America History in Video Documentaries

World War I
in America in the 20th Century, 34 (Chesterton, IN: Media Rich Communications, 2004), 51 mins
Secrets of World War I
in Declassified, 12 (New York, NY: A&E Television Networks, 2006), 45 mins 
World War 1: American Legacy
directed by Mark Bussler; produced by Mark Bussler (Harrington Park, NJ: Janson Media, 2006), 1 hour
Dear Home - Letters from World War I
produced by Christine T. Lowery, in Save Our History (New York, NY: A&E Television Networks, 2000), 42 mins  
Swing, the Velocity of Celebration
written by Ken Burns, 1953-; produced by Ken Burns, 1953-, in Ken Burns's Jazz, 6 (Arlington, VA: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), 2000), 1 hour 
Sacco and Vanzetti
produced by Amy Carey Linton and Peter Miller (New York, NY: First Run Features, 2006), 1 hour  
The True Welcome
written by Ken Burns, 1953-; produced by Ken Burns, 1953-, in Ken Burns's Jazz, 4 (Arlington, VA: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), 2000), 1 hour  

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The Harlem Hellfighters / Max Brooks ; illustrated by Caanan White.   D570.33 369th .B76 2014
"From bestselling author Max Brooks, the riveting story of the highly decorated, barrier-breaking, historic black regiment--the Harlem Hellfighters. The Harlem Hellfighters is a fictionalized account of the 369th Infantry Regiment--the first African American regiment mustered to fight in World War I. From the enlistment lines in Harlem to the training camp at Spartanburg, South Carolina, to the trenches in France, bestselling author Max Brooks tells the thrilling story of the heroic journey that these soldiers undertook for a chance to fight for America. Despite extraordinary struggles and discrimination, the 369th became one of the most successful--and least celebrated--regiments of the war. The Harlem Hellfighters, as their enemies named them, spent longer than any other American unit in combat and displayed extraordinary valor on the battlefield. Based on true events and featuring artwork from acclaimed illustrator Caanan White, these pages deliver an action-packed and powerful story of courage, honor, and heart"-- Provided by publisher.
"This is a graphic novel about the first African-American regiment to fight in World War One"-- Provided by publisher.