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American History: Depression & World War II (1929-1945)

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DVD 387.00 A Paralyzing fear: the story of polio in America (89 min.) The story of polio's rise to epidemic proportions in 1916 and its eventual eradication through vaccines in the 1950's. The documentary examines America's haunting fear of the disease it could not contain and tells the story of America's transcendence from that fear. The film crew traveled across America interviewing polio survivors, parents, doctors, physical therapists, journalists, and everyday citizens who have been affected by the disease. Featuring thousands of photographs and films from the 'March of Dimes' archives, the documentary presents authentic images from the American polio era which had been in storage for more than 35 years.

America History in Video Documentaries

John Dillinger: Public Enemy #1
in Biography (New York, NYA&E Television Networks1995), 41 mins  
FDR: Years of Crisis
directed by John Alan Kane; produced byCaleb B. Stratton, in Biography (New York, NYA&E Television Networks2005), 43 mins  
Swing, the Velocity of Celebration
written by Ken Burns, 1953-; produced byKen Burns, 1953-, in Ken Burns's Jazz6(Arlington, VAPublic Broadcasting Service (PBS)2000), 1 hour  
The Last Ridge: The Uphill Battles of the 10th Mountain Division
directed by Abbie Kealy; produced by Abbie Kealy (Harrington Park, NJJanson Media,2008), 1 hour  
Fire and Water
in Battle History of the U.S. Navy2 (Los Angeles, CAA&E Television Networks,2000), 45 mins  
Nazi America: A Secret History
produced by Greg DeHart (New York, NY:A&E Television Networks2000), 1 hour  
Manhattan Project
produced by Sean Dash, in Modern Marvels,Season 8, Episode 20 (New York, NYA&E Television Networks2002), 43 mins  
Amelia Earhart
produced by Laura Verklan, in Biography(New York, NYA&E Television Networks,2005), 42 mins  
Prelude to War
written by Frank Capra, 1897-1991, in Why We Fight (District of ColumbiaUnited States. Office of War Information1942), 50 mins  
Dwight D. Eisenhower: Commander-In-Chief
directed by Darryl Rehr; produced by Darryl Rehr, in Biography (New York, NYA&E Television Networks2004), 1 hour  
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Restless Spirit
directed by Harry Rasky, 1928-2007; produced by Harry Rasky, 1928-2007, inBiography (New York, NYA&E Television Networks2005), 46 mins  
directed by Jonathan Martin, fl. 1999; produced by Jonathan Martin, fl. 1999, inGreat Blunders in History (Los Angeles, CA:A&E Television Networks2001), 21 mins  
Television: Window To The World
produced by Joshua Hanig, in Modern MarvelsSeason 2, Episode 6 (New York, NYA&E Television Networks1996), 47 mins  
produced by David Grubin, fl. 1982, inAmerican Experience (Arlington, VAPublic Broadcasting Service (PBS)1997), 4 hours 
The Nuremberg Trials
directed by Michael Kloft, 1961-; produced by Michael Kloft, 1961-, in American Experience (Arlington, VAPublic Broadcasting Service (PBS)2006), 54 mins 
directed by Merrill M. Mazuer; produced byCharles Grinker, in Class of the 20th Century (New York, NYA&E Television Networks1991), 47 mins  
Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio
written by Ken Burns, 1953-, in Ken Burns's America (Arlington, VAPublic Broadcasting Service (PBS)2004), 1 hour  

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