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Nursing Research: Nursing books and videos

If you are a nursing student, this guide is for you!

Use the catalog to find books or videos

Generally, medical books are in the R call number section and nursing books are in the RT section of the Stacks and Reference locations on the 2nd floor.

The Stacks location is to your right as you reach the top of the stairs. Reference is to your left behind the Research Desk. Reference books do not circulate, but articles may be copied at the copier by the elevator for 10¢/page. Videos are all on the first shelving unit of the Stacks to the right of the stairs.


Use the library catalog words or phrase search box to search for a medical topic. Read the search tips (below) to improve search results. If you find a book or video, copy its call number (notice if the item says available or checked out), and go to the location (Stacks or Reference). Use our main library catalog for additional search options (e.g. a specific author or title search). 

TIPS for using the catalog

1) The default search box of the catalog is set to do a "words and phrase" search. It looks in all parts of the catalog information for your search words or phrases, including the title, table of contents, and subject headings. On the results list click "Details." The "Item Information" tab gives the location, call number, and status, if available or checked out. The "Catalog Record" tab gives complete descriptions of each item.

2) To start searching, type a topic word or short phrase in the search box.   

  • Two or more words are automatically searched as a phrase. Quotes around the words are not needed.
    • For example: diabetes mellitus  [Results have both words next to each other in left to right order.]
  • When you need more than one word or phrase, insert AND between the search terms. Using AND results in items where both (or all) terms appear, which narrows the search.
    • For example: diabetes mellitus and insulin  [Results have both search terms.]
  • If two words or phrases have similar meanings, insert OR between the words. Using OR returns items where either (or any) of the search terms appear, which broadens the search.
    • For example: diabetes mellitus or type 2 diabetes  [Results have either one or the other or both terms] 
  • If a word or phrase is causing the wrong results to appear, use NOT to eliminate the unwanted results.
    • For example: diabetes not videorecording   [Results are all books and no videos. The word "videorecording" appears in all catalog information for videos]
  • Similarly, if you need to find videos with a certain search term use AND between the terms.
    • For example: diabetes and videorecording   [Results are all videos containing the word "diabetes"]

Not finding the book you want?

You can also search in Lamar University's library catalog by clicking the down arrow and highlighting "Mary & John Gray Library." Their books may be requested either placing a hold with in the catalog or by completing an Inter-library loan (ILL) form.

To place a hold, click on the Place Hold button on the Item Details page. Enter your R800XXXXX number and your PIN, which should be your birthday mmddyy. Select the Ron E. Lewis Library as your pick up library.

Allow 7-10 working days and pick up the book at our Circulation desk. Check on its arrival at (409) 882-3982. Learn more about ILL...