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Services for Students

Computer Labs

By logging onto a computer, the user agrees to observe all of the following policies. Failure to observe these policies will result in a user being banned from using the library computers.

Description of Computer Labs

  • The Library has two computer labs on the first floor. The smaller lab, Lab 126, is at the library entrance. The larger lab, Lab 131, is located beyond the stairwell. Additional computers are located on the 2nd floor of the library.
  • All Library computers have the same software available: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Internet access and browsers, plus a few other programs used by specific courses. MyLSC-O logins are required for accessing all library computers.
  • All computers are networked to a printer. PaperCut software is in use to monitor printing. After their initial login to the PaperCut program, students are allowed 500 pages per semester. Printing on both sides of a page counts as one sheet.  

Who May Use the Computers?

  • The Library computers are available for students currently enrolled at Lamar State College-Orange. High school students who are co-enrolled at Lamar State College-Orange may use the Library computers by logging on with their MyLSC-O login.
  • Computers located in the Library are primarily intended for students completing course-related academic assignments or other college-related activities. When students need to work on academic assignments and computers are all in use, anyone using a computer for other purposes shall relinquish his or her computer.
  • Lamar students from other campuses and the general public may use one of three designated computers in Lab 126 by showing a picture ID. Computer usage for the public is limited to one hour per day. Printing is limited to five pages per day. After showing your picture ID, staff will record your name and time of computer access. Leave promptly at the end of your hour.

Youth Access

  • Children and teens under 16 years of age are NOT allowed to use Library computers and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times while in the library.
  • High school students 16 years of age or older who are not co-enrolled at Lamar State College-Orange must present a current picture ID to use one of the three designated computers in Lab 126.
  • Library staff do not act in the place of parents in keeping with the principles of equal access to information. We do not restrict computer users from accessing information available on computers. If a parent or guardian does not wish his or her teen to access specific information, the parent or guardian should discuss these restrictions with his or her teen in the context of the parent-child relationship.

Using the Computers

  • The computers are shut down 10 minutes before the Library closing time. Leave promptly when staff ask you to leave the computer lab.
  • It is a criminal offense under Texas state law to give your personal usernames, passwords, PINs or any of the LSC-O computer logins to anyone other than yourself, under any circumstances. Ask anyone without a login to seek staff help.
  • Never do anything illegal, threatening or deliberately destructive while using the computers. It is the user's responsibility to know what is illegal.
  • Never use the computers or their output for commercial gain.
  • Never use the computers or their output to advertise or promote activities other than those sponsored by the college.
  • Never intentionally retrieve online material that might be considered pornographic by other lab users or staff. Such material, if exhibited in a public space, can result in a sexually hostile environment in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. If such material should appear accidentally on the computer, close the screen immediately.
  • It is a criminal offense to download copyrighted programs or other data (music, etc.) without having legal permission to do so.
  • Library subscription database services are licensed for on-campus use by all users and for off-campus use by current students and staff of Lamar State College-Orange. Login off campus when requested. Library databases require your MyLSC-O as login.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in computer labs. Water in a clear bottle is allowed in the Library, but not at the computers where spills can cause damage.
  • Turn cell phones off or to vibrate mode and take phone conversations outside the Library.
  • Check out headphones to listen to audio. Ask at the check-out desk for headphones.
  • Avoid excessive or unnecessary printing. Consider saving files instead of printing. Learn how to save files to jump drives, your D2L locker, and as e-mail attachments sent to yourself. Many courses now require that you create and upload your assignments entirely online.
  • Lab users are expected to observe rules of civil behavior and exhibit courtesy and respect toward other lab users and staff.