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Learning Frameworks: Library catalog

Learn about the many helpful resources and services offered by your Library

The Catalog

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Use the Catalog's keyword search box above to find books, DVDs or CDs available in our library, and eBooks available online only. If you are off campus and need to open an eBook, note the name of the book, and open the eBook database by clicking the database name here: Ebook Collection  Log in with your login and search for the eBook. Here is a tutorial about using the eBook database. 

For a more refined search, click to open our full library catalog. Click buttons to limit searches to certain parts of the catalog information, when you need books by a specific author or a specific title or limit to a certain type of material.


Searching the Catalog

The following search strategies work in the Library Catalog and also in most of the databases:

Search for a topic by typing a word or short phrase in the search box. You will be searching keywords in the catalog information that describes our books, DVDs and CDs (in title, author, and subject information, also table of contents and summary information) but not in the books themselves. Keep phrases short for best results. 

Two or more words in a string are searched as a phrase (no quotes needed), unless connector words and, or, not are used:

  • Insert and between terms to make all terms appear. Use of "and" between search terms narrows search results.
    • Example: cats and dogs     Result: Items where all (or both) terms appear in results 
  • Insert or between terms to make any of the terms appear. Using "or" expands the search. It works to use "or" between terms with similar meanings such as:
    • Example: cats or felines     Result: Items where any (or either) of the terms appear in results.
  • Insert not between terms to eliminate a term from search results.
    • Example: cats not dogs      Result: The term following not (dogs) does not appear in results. BUT you will lose results in which both terms appear, so be careful using "not."


Magazines, Newspapers, and Journals

Our magazines, newspapers and journals (periodicals) are not listed in the Library Catalog. Instead, look them up in our A to Z List.

If you need to know if we have a specific magazine, newspaper or journal available:

1) Click the link to open: A to Z List.  Type a name (a title) of a periodical in the search box (Example: Consumer Reports). Since the A to Z list also contains eBooks, mark the radio button that says Journals only, to eliminate any ebooks from the search.

2) Click the search button. It may take a few seconds to bring results.

3) Results: a list showing the requested periodical title with online databases that provide access, and the dates the title is available in each database, and also the print or microform issues available on the 2nd floor. 

4) Click any available database links and find a list by dates of issues. Articles from each issue are arranged in page number order for most of the databases. 

What periodicals do we have on a certain subject?

Use the A to Z List to find out what periodicals are available for a certain subject. At the opening screen, click the "Subjects" tab, select a broad subject, then a narrower subject, until you get to individual periodicals titles. Browse any that you may be interested in.