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COSC 1301--Intro to computing: Citing books or eBooks

Find good quality information for your paper and presentation.

Citing books or eBooks

Citations in APA style follow this order:

  1. Author names: All citations begin with the author names, in the same order as given in source information. Cite last names first, comma, and initials for all authors. Separate each author with a comma. Cite both initials if both are given. Place an ampersand (&) before the ending author. Cite up to seven names. If there are eight or more authors, cite the first six names, the ampersand (&) and then insert three ellipsis points: . . . (periods with spaces between) to indicate something is left out, and then cite the last name.  Editor names: If a book author is actually an editor, add (Ed.) after the name or (Eds.) if more than one editor.
  2. Publication year in parentheses (year). For example: (2010). If a book has no author or editor, start with the title and follow the title with the publication year in parentheses.
  3. Title and subtitle of the book, separated by a colon (:) in italics. Capitalize only the first word of the title and subtitle unless a word in the title is a proper noun. (persons, places, things) 
  4. City of publication, state (use two letter state abbreviations) colon (:) and publisher name. 
  5. If the book is an eBook: add Retreived from Stat!Ref. (or whatever the name of the database is) 

Examples of three book patterns: Note: authors of journal articles follow these same patterns.

  • An eBook, with three authors:

Anderson, A. A., Brown, B. B., & Carter, C. C. (2000). Title of the book: Subtitle of the book. City, ST: Publisher. Retreived from Stat!Ref.

  • Book with eight or more authors:

Anderson, A. A., Brown, B. B., Carter, C. C., Davis, D. D., Edwards, E. E., Ford, F. F., & . . . Johnson, J. J. (2000). Title of the book: Subtitle of the book. City, ST: Publisher. 

  • Book with editors instead of authors: 

Anderson, A. A., Brown, B. B., & Carter, C. C., (Eds.). (2000). Title of the book: Subtitle of the book. City, ST: Publisher.     

Citing an article in a book or reference book

Many books are collections of chapters, articles or essays by different authors with an editor for the book. Cite a chapter or article in a book or reference book by citing the author of the chapter or article first, then the title of the article. Say "In" then the title of the book. If there is an editor or editors of the book, cite the name as initials, last name followed by (Ed.) or (Eds.) if more than one, followed by the title of the book. Add start and ending page numbers in parentheses (pp. start-end pages). Finish with the publishing info: City, ST: Publisher name.  

Example of an article, chapter, or essay in a book, pattern:

Anderson, A. A. (year). Title of the chapter or article: Subtitle of the chapter or article. In E. E. Edwards (Ed.) Title of the book or encyclopedia. (pp. xx-xx). City, ST: Publisher Name. [Note: If the article is from a reference or book database add: Retreived from Database Name.]  

For example:  A chapter from a book, and an article from a reference book, with an editor.

Haybron, D. M. (2008). Philosophy and the science of subjective well-being. In M. Eid & R. J. Larsen (Eds.), The Science of subjective well-being. (pp.17-43). New York, NY: Guilford Press. Retreived from eBooks on EbscoHost database.

First, M. B. (Ed.). (2000). Anorexia nervosa. In Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed.) Washington, DC: American Psychological Assoc. Retreived from Stat!Ref database.

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