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How to borrow from other libraries: Find books in other places

...also known as an Interlibrary Loan or I-L-L

Book-finding resources

These resources help you to find books 1) in other places or 2) to see what is available on a subject or by an author.  

  • WorldCat--Search WorldCat to see what books and other items are located in the other libraries, many of which will allow us to borrow books. WorldCat is freely available on the Web for anyone to search. Libraries use this same catalog resource to make interlibrary loan requests. 
  • Google Books--Google has created the world's largest collection of eBooks. Many major libraries of the world are cooperating on the project by supplying out-of-copyright books. Books that are not under copyright are allowed to be fully available along with older copies of magazines. When a book is not legally available, the table of contents and small sections of the book may be available for viewing. Called a "preview," this infomation is supplied by the book publishers to promote sales of their books.
  • Amazon--An online book seller (and many other things too) that is a useful resource for finding a book or video you may want to borrow, to get the full information for the ILL form. Small parts of books are available for viewing. 
  • Orange Public Library Catalog--LSC-O students and staff may borrow books from our local city library by presenting current LSC-O ID cards. The public library is located on 5th Street one block away from our campus.
  • Lamar University's Mary & John Gray Library--See the box BELOW to search their catalog. Books in their library may be somewhat faster to get through interlibrary loan.

Lamar University's Mary & John Gray Library

Use the search box below to find books and periodicals available in Lamar University's Mary & John Gray Library. When finished viewing their catalog, use your browser's back arrow to return to this screen.

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