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Open Educational Resources: Texas Law and OER

This guide is designed to assist faculty in the exploration, identification, evaluation, selection, and adoption of Open Educational Resources

Texas Toolkit for OER Course Markings

Texas Law

  • Senate Bill 810  requires that each institution of higher education compile a course schedule indicating, among other things, whether the textbook required for each course is an open educational resource. Institutions shall make reasonable efforts to disseminate information to students, including the availability of courses and sections of courses that require or recommend only open educational resources. Further, this bill would establish the open educational resources grant program to encourage faculty at institutions to adopt and develop courses that use only open educational resources.
  • House Bill 3650  This bill amends existing law and requires agreements between school districts and public institutions of higher education that provide dual credit programs to consider the use of free or low-cost open educational resources in courses offered under the program.
  • House Bill 3652 This bill requires the state board to contract with a high-quality open educational resource repository to develop and maintain a web portal customized to meet the needs of individual institutions of higher education, students, and others who may benefit from access to open educational resources. 



OER Policy Watch

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