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Travel Assignment: Research

This guide provides information that will help you successfully complete your Travel Assignment for the EDU 0300 class.

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Research using the Web

The next step in planning your vacation is to research. The internet can be a quick and easy way to gain information. There are many websites that can help you plan your vacation. Make sure to keep a list of what websites you use so you can come back and compare the sites in the future.  

Some basic travel sites for you to use are:


Many more sites can be found on our Travel sources and tips page,

if you want to know more....

Research using the LSC-O catalog

The LSC-O card catalog has many books that may be useful for gathering information about your vacation. Searching the card catalog is very easy! 

First, go to the LSC-O online catalog 
Next, type in something that relates to your vacation.  For example, if you were traveling to Hawaii you may type in "hawaii" or "surfing" to find information about your location.  
Click search. 

After clicking search you will be given a list of books that are available at LSC-O for you to use for your assignment.  By clicking on the title of a book you will find more information about the book, it's location within the library and where to find it in our library stacks.

If you need help finding a book at the library, always feel free to ask a library staff member for help! We are here to help you!

Turning in your assignment

Now that you have your website and book, it's time to cite your sources.   You need to cite your book and your website in MLA formation.  If you have any question about citations and using MLA formation, please use the following links to learn more.  

Citing a book or Ebook

Citing a website

If you need anymore help with citations, ask a library staff member. We are here to help you succeed!

You also need to make a list of three to five websites that you found online and what information you found there.  This information will be useful in the continued planning and budgeting of your vacation.

Just ASK!