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Biology Book Report: Is my book a selection for the report?

This page will provide information for finding books for your biology book report assignment.

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Is my book a good selection for the report?

There are specific guidelines for choosing an applicable book for your assignment.  Below is a checklist that will help you determine if your book is a good choice for the assignment.

  • Is the book a non-fiction book? 

  • Does the book contain at least 150 pages?

  • Does the book subject matter correspond to the biological subject matter discussed in your current class?

Your book must satisfy all the requirements on the checklist.  If it does not meet a requirement on the checklist you must pick another book.  If you have any concerns about the book you picked you should contact your professor for approval. 

Checking out your book

To check out anything from the library you must always have a current student ID card.  You must show this card every time you check out an item.  If you have an expired ID, or do not have one at all, you can get an ID in Admissions on the third floor of the Ron E. Lewis building.  

Bring your book and student ID to the circulation desk on the first floor of the library.  There you may checkout your book.  You may keep your book for 21 days.  If you need it for longer you have the option to renew your book. You may renew twice.  

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